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About CustomSlotCars

I first started collecting slot cars in the 1990s. My dad and uncle raced the brass chassis BSCRA cars way back in the 60s but it wasn’t until my older brother bought a Scalextric set for his son that I bought my very first car. Someone had suggested that my brother, my uncle, my father and I all got a car so we could all play with my young nephew on his new set. Inevitably we all bought different types of cars though! I had bought a Scalextric Lamborghini Diablo, my brother got a Jag XJ220 but my dad had bought an F1 car and my uncle arrived with a saloon. This meant we all bought another car and the collection was born. 

Even back then I was interested in making my cars stand out and look different. Whether it was by peeling the stickers off a Ninco car, or adding strips of tape to make a flag, I would try to make my cars unique. Some of my early creations were truly dreadful and thankfully have been lost to time, but the cars on these pages are creations that I am happy with and all remain in my personal collection.
I made this page to showcase my custom cars and to act as an aide or inspiration for others to start customising.
Please enjoy browsing through the site and feel free to contact me if you have questions about any of the builds. Happy customising 




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